Vinnitsa National Medical University



  • Tution Fees $5000
  • Accommodation Fees $400
  • Food Indian Veg. Food
  • Duration 5.8 Year + 1 Year Internship
  • Location Pyrohova St, 56, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21018
  • Degree MD = M.B.B.S


MBBS in Vinnitsa National Medical University Ukraine is useful for Indian Students. VNMU charge is low and give fantastic MBBS think about. Established in 1921, Vinnitsa National Medical University is a non-benefit open advanced education organization situated in the little city of Vinnytsia.

Vinnitsa restorative college was made in 1921. At the University work in excess of 500 instructors including 90 specialists of science, educators, 340 applicants of science. The Medical University has conventions in instructive, explore action, association of the understudies recreation, keeping up of heartly relations with the graduates.

Vinnitsa National Medical University (VNMU) offers courses and projects prompting formally perceived advanced education degrees, for example, four year certifications in a few regions of study.

See the uniRank degree levels and regions of study grid beneath for additionally points of interest. VNMU likewise gives a few scholastic and non-scholarly offices and administrations to understudies including a library, wear offices or potentially exercises, consider abroad and trade programs, and additionally managerial administrations.

Material-specialized premise 3 instructive structures, current hardware, inquire about focus and focal point of new data advancements, in excess of 780 present day PCs, which are associated up to Internet, vast library (500 thousand books), claim printing house.

The college has an abnormal state of scholastic staff with scholarly degrees and titles. Relatively every 6th speaker at the college is a specialist of sciences, a teacher. Understudies are instructed by 126 specialists of sciences and 677 competitors of sciences.

There are 25 Honored Scientists and Technicians of Ukraine, Honored Workers of Higher Education and Education of Ukraine, 3 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 5 Winners of the State Prize of Ukraine.

About City

The history of the city is inseparable from the history of the Ukrainian people, who fought for his right to be the ruler of his land throughout his life. It was not easy for our ancestors to live during internecine wars in the Lithuanian Principality, 30 of the devastating Tatars’ attacks took place in Vinnytsia from 1400 to 1569. But under these difficult conditions, the city developed as an economic and cultural center. The earliest mention of the Vinnytsia student, a student at Krakow University, is known since 1469, and the first artisan — from 1508. In 1545, there were 273 houses in Vinnytsia, in the next seven years — 429. With the construction of a new fortress on Kemp’s island in 1558, a new city emerged on the right bank of the Southern Bug and continued to develop the «Old Town» on the left.

According to the Lublin Union, Vinnytsia was part of Poland and since 1598 it was the center of the Bratslav Voivodship. Its tangible role in the economic life of the region is evidenced by the privileges of duty-free trade in the entire territory of the Polish-Lithuanian state granted in 1580, 1593 and 1634, and the establishment of the Magdeburg Law in 1640.

About Ukraine

UKRAINE is located in Eastern Europe. It occupies the area of 603,628 km² making it the largest contiguous country on the European continent. The country is home to a multi-ethnic population. The capital is Kiev.
There are many reasons why you should choose Ukraine to live and study

The diverse range of study programs in foreign languages
Low Fees and high level of education at the same time
The long tradition of qualitative education
You can come for a short study visitor to complete your degree
Ukraine higher education institutions offer long-standing reputations, unique conception and interesting specializations Low cost of living and everyday expenses
Cultural experience and a fascinating history
Member of the European Union

The population, according to the 2001 census, was 48,240,902 permanent residents and 48,457,102 actual population, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on November 1, 2017 — 42,248,598 permanent residents and 42,418,235 actual population, the territory within constitutional structure of the country — 603,549 km². It ranks 32nd in the world in terms of population, 44th in the territory. Ukraine is the second largest state in Europe.
The state language is Ukrainian. In the eastern and southern regions, communication in Russian predominates; in the western and south-western regions (Eastern Galicia), Polish is widespread; in the north (Polesie) the influence of Belarus is noticeable; in Transcarpathia, Hungarian, Slovak, and Ruthenian play a significant role; Romanian / Moldavian, Bulgarian and Gagauz languages are used in the Chernivtsi region and the southern part of the Odessa region. National languages are actively used in the appropriate environment — Yiddish, Greek, Crimean Tatar, and others.

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